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3 Amazing Benefits of Professional Medical Billing Services for a Podiatry Practice

When you are a podiatrist dealing with a holding up room with patients suffering from ankle sprains, diabetic ulcers, tissue wounds in the feet and more, training your staff and keeping track of EMR prerequisites can be a huge challenge.

What a podiatrist needs in such cases is a professional medical billing and coding company that has the right expertise and experience. A professional medical billing, EMR and practice management company can help you with the following –

Collection Tracking

Even if claims are submitted in time, you need to re-submit many. Efficient medical billing service by experts can track where claims are in the billing pipeline. Medical billers can also help with managing the accounts of self-paid patients.

Quicker Payments

Payers and providers always have a conflict of minimizing and maximizing payouts. Errors in coding can result in rejected claims and delayed payments. Professional medical billing companies ensure accuracy and faster payments.

Reducing Expenses

Professional billing and EMR services can help you save on –

  • Salary of medical coding and billing staff
  • Cost of training your in-house billing employees
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Sick leaves and Vacations
  • Stationary and postage
  • Office space

Hiring a professional medical billing company can help in improving the financial health of your podiatry practice. It will let you focus on your patients and practice making your practice more profitable than if you did billing in-house.

To know more about how you can benefit from hiring the best podiatry billing company, call Emerald Health at 855-650-9906. Improve your bottom line with professional podiatry billing specialists and software.

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