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3 Excellent Tips for Choosing a Podiatry Billing Service

When you outsource your practice’s medical billing, it can help you improve finances by maximizing claims payments and keeping your practice compliant. If you’re aware of this and considering outsourcing your podiatry practice’s billing, here are the top 3 things that will help you in Choosing a Podiatry Billing Service.

Ensure the Billing Services understands Podiatry Guidelines

It is critical that the medical billing company is familiar with podiatric procedures and codes. Ask whether they have podiatry practices as existing clients. Ensure that the medical billing company has certified, trained, and experienced medical coders and billers.

Ensure the Billing Service is Compatible with your EHR

Outsourcing your podiatry billing should make your operations more efficient. So, it is important that the billing service you hire is compatible with your current EHR software.

This is useful because that means you do not need to have your office staff re-trained on new software.


Ask Questions

You may want to ask your medical billing company about –

  • The measures they have taken to protect personal health information
  • Cost of services
  • Number, training, and experience of coders and billers that will be assigned to your practice
  • Experience of working with podiatry practices
  • Understanding of guidelines, compliance and other regulations with respect to podiatry practices

Considering all these points will help you in Choosing a Podiatry Billing Service.

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