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3 Highly Effective Tips for Underpayment Recovery

Healthcare practices and organizations lose billions of dollars in lost revenue each year in the form of unpaid and underpaid medical claims. You do not get paid for around 5 out of every 100 patients you provide services to. As the amounts add up, it delivers a heavy blow to the financial health of your practice. Increasing patient responsibilities and the difficulty in collecting payments are becoming a troubling issue for healthcare providers. It is critical for any practice to ensure that you are able to collect what you deserve from your payer contracts. It is very difficult to actually process the payments in the facility or during the practice. Here are the 3 Highly Effective Tips for Underpayment Recovery.

3 Highly Effective Tips for Underpayment Recovery


1.Get it Right, the First Time

Accurate coding and proper billing procedures can improve your success rates the first time around, reducing the likelihood of underpayments. Trusted billing and RCM services, such as Emerald Health, ensure ongoing training for billers and coders to ensure the best results for your practice. It will also reduce your excess stress in the revenue management process.

2.Examine Contracts and Renegotiate

An experienced revenue cycle management service can assess your contracts to help you decide whether you need a contract renegotiation. They will help you review everything from fee schedules to patient expense estimations, for each payer. It will give you additional control over the revenue process. It is one of the Highly Effective Tips for Underpayment Recovery.

3.Recover What’s Owed

Since we know that underpayment is an issue, and RCM service can undertake an underpayment recovery project for you. Such a project would include an analysis of your unpaid and underpaid claims and identify recovery opportunities. These claims can then be worked upon to recover what’s owed to your practice.

These are some of the Highly Effective Tips for Underpayment Recovery. To learn more about how medical billing companies can help you with underpayment recovery, call the medical billing specialist, Emerald Health LLC in Massachusetts at 855-650-9906 Today.

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