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Advantages of Electronic Medical Records

If you are considering changing your patient record systems as you have the desire to have everything electronically based going forward, it is useful to understand the advantages of electronic medical records. There are potentially too many to list but, one main benefit is that it is easy to gain access to required information for patients but also, for other healthcare providers. Think of it as an easy to read a traditional medical chart and it contains every aspect of patient care and details of those who have provided medical counsel. So let’s take look at the Advantages of Electronic Medical Records.

Electronic Medical Records

Stored Digitally

Each time the patient is seen, the record is updated and, the information is stored digitally where it is completely safe and secure. Importantly, it is quick and easy to add updates as and when is necessary. Depending on the patient’s needs and the size of your practice, the patient may see lots of different people over a period of time and this makes continuity of care quite difficult to follow. With electronic medical records, it’s easily viewed, and all information is stored together. This equates to greater continuity of care which in turn makes patients feel happier and more trusting in their medical practice.

Advanced Security

Importantly, there are advanced security measures, and this means that only those doctors or professional carers who need to see your files can do so. There are the same privacy rules. But the benefits are considerable because there is greater efficiency at being able to review any test results from the lab, so this avoids delays.

Easy Monitoring for Ongoing Treatments

It’s also useful because it is easier to identify those who need preventative check-ups and so, screenings or, blood pressure readings or vaccinations are easier to monitor. One of the very real benefits to having EMR records is that they are universal records, and this means, the patient only has the one record for every facility that they attend. This means any medical center can access their records when treating that patient.

Reduced Expenditure

Many medical centers have invested in the electronic medical register but found that their actual expenditure overall has decreased, so, you could say that by implementing up-to-date systems, there’s a greater return on investment. Think about it, that means improved record keeping and reporting for billing services which equate to less billing errors, drug expenditure may reduce as well.  There’s no doubt that by having an EMR, your work processes will be streamlined, and administrative processes will also improve with medication being ordered safely and patient services increasing too.


  • Improved patient care
  • Overall expenditure decreased
  • Streamlined administrative processes
  • Universal Records
  • Easy to access notes
  • Easy ordering of drugs
  • High security

And those are the Advantages of Electronic Medical Records. In the interest of transparency, patient records can be sent electronically to the patient on request, this will be necessary if the patient decides to change health care providers but, the patient does not need to personally request a copy of the patient’s information as other healthcare facilities may do so. If you want an efficient, professional system that works in all areas of the business, a changeover to an EMR. It makes your professional life simpler.

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