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Medical Coding Procedure for Laceration Repairs

The Stitches, sutures, and wound covering comes into the Laceration repairs category. The insurance companies reimburse the medical bills for laceration repairs. That’s why it is essential to coding the bills for getting approval from the companies properly. If you are not sure how to make medical bills for laceration repairs properly, then you are in the right place. In this post, we will share detailed information on the medical coding procedure for lacerations.

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HIMS Coder Educator – Career, Education, Salary and Additional Skills

Amongst all of the available jobs in the Medical Billing industry, the HIMS Coder educator is the most lucrative job. It is one of the most prestigious jobs in the industry, which is loved by millions. Well, if you are interested in this job profile, you need to know about everything. Here, you'll get every bit of information about the job of HIMS Coder Educator. 

HIMS Coder Educator - Career, Education, Salary and Additi

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medical-coding procedure-for pre-operative insurance clearance

Medical Coding Procedure for Pre-Operative Insurance Clearance 

The patients who are in critical condition are brought to the hospital. In such cases, the doctors have to provide medical care to such patients immediately. As the patients will have insurance coverage, it is essential to start the pre-operative and post-operative clearances from the insurance company. The authorization is possible after determining the medical condition, but for the pre-operative checkup, you should file for insuran

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What is the Difference Between DME Supplier and DME Provider

The DME means nothing but Durable Medical Equipment. The DME's are often useful for a long time for the patients. The items such as Walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, bath chairs, etc are Durable Medical Equipment. The doctors may provide the patients with the DME. But sometimes, the doctors may prescribe to buy them from the certified DME supplier.For the medical practitioner, the Durable Medic

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how_work from_home has_changed_medical_billing_industry

How Work from Home has Changed Medical Billing Industry

Due to the pandemic situation worldwide, no one is willing to work from the office. To all of the digital jobs, a Work from Home solution is adopted. Every job that requires the use of computers and the internet is now a remote job. The employees can sit in their homes and do the job from the bedroom. The medical billing industry is not an exception to the online revolution of Work from Home. Fortunately, the medical billing industry works in the backend and doesn

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How to Efficiently Handle Medical Coding for Cardiology Coding and Billing 

Cardiology is one of the toughest medical expertise fields that has a lot of demand. Due to the increased heart complications, the patients are facing Cardiology procedures in the hospital. Fortunately, all of the insurance companies do support the Cardiology procedures under insurance coverage. So, it's easier for patients to undergo the necessary treatment. But for the medical coders and b

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how-to-choose the-podiatry-medical-billing-service

How to Choose the Podiatry Medical Billing Service? 

The podiatry is different from Pediatrics, and there is nothing to confuse between these two. The podiatry is nothing but the study, treatment, and the surgery of the foot, ankles, and lower extremity. This is a separate branch of medicinal and surgical science that treats the issues related to the lower extremity of the body. The medical billing and the insurance claims processing for the podiatry are very different. Although the ins

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What are the Key Medical Billing Terminologies that Everyone Must Know?

Medical billing is a tedious task, and only qualified people can do the job. Without the medical billing and coding, it is difficult to bill the patients for receiving the treatment. Well, as it’s one of the most complicated billing systems, it has separate medical billing vocabulary. There are a lot of terminologies that common people don’t know much about. If you want to learn more about the Medical billing terminologies, then y

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Why Choosing to Outsource Medical Billing is a Wise Decision?

Medical billing is the most significant helpful resource for the medical industry. Be it the hospitals or clinic, everyone depends on the medical billing. It is a new form of the medical industry. To ensure the smooth financial flow to the hospital, medical billing is essential. There are thousands of big hospitals that rely on medical billing services. Many companies provide medical billing services. Read More


How to Select the Best Medical Coding Company for your Hospital? 

Medical billing and coding companies help thousands of hospitals. Medical billing and coding is a tedious task. The hospitals are always on a lookout for the best medical coding company. Outsourcing medical coding is way easier than having in-house staff. With a ton of experience, the medical coding companies complete the job quickly.  Read More