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Why Medical Billing Services Make Sense For Your Practice?

If you are a physician who runs a medical practice, you certainly understand the importance of why medical billing services make sense for your practice. Patient care is your number one priority but it could be comprised with in-house medical billing. This is why medical billing services are imperative.

Leave the Medical to the Experts

When you outsource your medical billing and coding to a professional company, you are putting their billing and coding in

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Your Radiology Practice and Quality of Care

Radiologists and radiology practices are a critical component in medical diagnosis and treatment. In other words, radiology findings can save lives. Unfortunately, despite efforts, radiology report documentation does not adhere to a fixed standard. This may make the analysis of incidental findings quite difficult. Your Radiology Practice and Quality of Care is one of the most important parts of your practice. To solve this problem, radiology practices need an int

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What Are the Benefits of Health Information Exchange?

The use of online health information exchange systems is transforming the way healthcare providers operate. Everyone benefits from using shared information and this is easily accessed by healthcare employees but, it has a built-in safety to protect security. It is very important that everyone who is involved in a patient’s care has access to the same information and this eliminates potential mistakes. It also ensures that everyone is informed as to the latest test

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Untrained Billers Can Raise Risk of Fraud

Healthcare practices that submit incorrect or inaccurate claims may face allegations of fraud. This can result in penalties and loss of reputation. Fraud may not always be intentional. Incorrect billing by untrained and inexperienced billing staff runs the risk of fraud. To ensure your practice files correct claims, here is what you can do. Untrained Billers Can Raise Risk of Fraud by a very high percentage. Let's take a look at look at how Untrained Billers Can Rai

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Advantages of Electronic Medical Records

If you are considering changing your patient record systems as you have the desire to have everything electronically based going forward, it is useful to understand the advantages of electronic medical records. There are potentially too many to list but, one main benefit is that it is easy to gain access to required information for patients but also, for other healthcare providers. Think of it as an easy to read a traditional medical chart and it contains every aspe

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How a Radiology Billing Service can help you improve Bottom Line?

Radiology is a unique medical specialty that utilizes imaging to diagnose and treat diseases for various other specialties and make recommendations to referring doctors if more scans are required. Let's take a look at how Radiology Billing Service can help you improve. Radiology billing can be demanding because it involves the following factors –

  • Diverse exams to be performed
  • A large number of diagnostic procedures
  • A large n

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Why Everyone is talking about Outsourcing Medical Billing?

You probably know about how most practices are now moving to outsourced medical billing. If you are still sitting on the fence about outsourcing your medical billing, here are some facts to help you make the decision.

·         Focus on Patient Care

Compared to keeping your internal staff up-to-date on medical coding changes, modifiers and sub-sets, partnering with a professional medical billing company save you more dollars as w

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Why it Makes Sense to Outsource Medical Billing

There are some serious advantages to outsourcing medical billing, especially for small medical practices where the time and energy of employees is better spent elsewhere. A professional medical billing company can take all the headaches of billing and be coding away and leave medical staff to do what they do best and that is to provide care for their patients. Let's see why you should outsource your medical billing. Read More

4 Great Ways to Boost Your Medical Billing Process

As a healthcare specialist, it is important that your medical health center has a system in place that optimizes medical billing process while providing a high level of care to patients. The medical billing process can be highly complex and is often an invisible part of the healthcare system and there are so many ways in which the billing process can become costly, ill-effective and time-consuming. Currently, millions of Americans are paying too much due to miscalcu

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The Process of Medical Billing

process of medical billing The process of medical billing involves multiple individuals from the administration and the receptionist to the medical biller. The medical billing process is essential for hospitals and clini

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