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3 Revenue Cycle Issues You Can’t Ignore in Medical Practices

Many persistent medical billing and revenue cycle issues are detrimental to a medical practice’s bottom line. Most in-house billing staff simply reacts to problems instead of proactively preventing them. However, if your billing staff’s focus is on fighting urgent issues, they may be unable to identify the source of these issues. This would prevent building an efficient revenue cycle management system. Let's take a look at revenue cycle issues you can’t ignore

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Don’t Understand Medical Billing? You Might Lose Your License.

What’s the most important thing they don’t teach you at medical school? And yes there is a lot they don’t teach at medical school but arguably the most important point in your future practice is medical billing. Medical billing is incredibly confusing and the new ICD-10 has somewhere in the region of 70 000 billing codes. Remembering and understanding all of this are imperative to get the right fee for your service. This is often Read More

Avoid Expensive Medical Billing Errors

The financial health of your medical practice depends upon the doctors, nurses, other staff and your image as a leading healthcare practice. Good practice management also needs to take into account whether there is any money drain due to scheduling issues, unpaid claims, or ineffective technology solutions. Let's review how we can avoid expensive medical billing errors.Unfortunately, a large number of medical bills contain errors. You obviously want to keep them

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How to Check Patient Engagement

A medical practice that doesn’t understand the degree of patient engagement and satisfaction will not be able to reproduce the positive experience and improve their practice. So, you need to Check Patient Engagement in your practice.Here are 4 great ideas to make it easier for you to measure your practice’s patient engagement.

Happy Staff = Satisfied Patients

Happy employees lead to happy patients. Improved patient engagement naturally depends on

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How Your ASC Can Improve Pain Management Billing?

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) or outpatient surgery centers provide same-day surgical care. This may include diagnostic and preventive procedures. However, ASCs may face problems related to physician reimbursement and accurate pain management billing. Staying viable can pose a challenge to ambulatory surgery centers. We need to know how ASC can improve pain management billing.If you run an ASC and want to stay competitive and profitable, you need to overcome

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Why Medical Billing Services Make Sense For Your Practice?

If you are a physician who runs a medical practice, you certainly understand the importance of why medical billing services make sense for your practice. Patient care is your number one priority but it could be comprised of in-house medical billing. This is why medical billing services are imperative.

Why Medical Billing Services Make Sense For Your Practice?

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Your Radiology Practice and Quality of Care

Radiologists and radiology practices are a critical component in medical diagnosis and treatment. In other words, radiology findings can save lives. Unfortunately, despite efforts, radiology report documentation does not adhere to a fixed standard. This may make the analysis of incidental findings quite difficult. Your Radiology Practice and Quality of Care is one of the most important parts of your practice.

Your Radiology

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What Are the Benefits of Health Information Exchange?

The use of online health information exchange systems is transforming the way healthcare providers operate. Everyone benefits from using shared information and this is easily accessed by healthcare employees but, it has a built-in safety to protect security. It is very important that everyone who is involved in a patient’s care has access to the same information and this eliminates potential mistakes. It also ensures that everyone is informed as to the latest test

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Untrained Billers Can Raise Risk of Fraud

Healthcare practices that submit incorrect or inaccurate claims may face allegations of fraud. This can result in penalties and loss of reputation. Fraud may not always be intentional. Incorrect billing by untrained and inexperienced billing staff runs the risk of fraud. To ensure your practice files correct claims, here is what you can do. Untrained Billers Can Raise Risk of Fraud by a very high percentage. Let's take a look at look at how Untrained Billers Can Rai

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Advantages of Electronic Medical Records

If you are considering changing your patient record systems as you have the desire to have everything electronically based going forward, it is useful to understand the advantages of electronic medical records. There are potentially too many to list but, one main benefit is that it is easy to gain access to required information for patients but also, for other healthcare providers. Think of it as an easy to read a traditional medical chart and it contains every aspe

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