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3 Excellent Tips for Choosing a Podiatry Billing Service

When you outsource your practice’s medical billing, it can help you improve finances by maximizing claims payments and keeping your practice compliant. If you’re aware of this and considering outsourcing your podiatry practice’s billing, here are the top 3 things that will help you in Choosing a Podiatry Billing Service.

Ensure the Billing Services understands Podiatry Guidelines

It is critical that the medical

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5 Medical Billing Mistakes your Practice Cannot Afford

Common medical billing issues can derail your cash flow. From missing out on patient information to failure to follow up can wreck your claims and payments. If you want to improve your billing process, here are the 5 mistakes you cannot make. Let's take a look at how you can avoid Medical Billing Mistakes.

Medical Billing Mistakes your Practice Cannot Afford

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Quick 6-Step Guide to Successful Medical Billing

The time and resources involved in medical billing can make a big difference to a medical practice’s bottom line. Here is a quick 6-step guide to ensure your practice has everything under control for a successful medical billing process:

Quick 6-Step Guide to Successful Medical Billing

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Looking to Improve your Radiology Billing?

Radiology is a unique specialty due to the high-volumes and that makes accurate coding a critical factor for the bottom line. While your radiology staff has to read and interpret an enormous number of medical documents, a professional radiology coding and billing service have the radiology billing and coding knowledge required to assign accurate codes and ensure that the radiology practice makes as much money as possible. Here are some of the ways with which you can

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Looking to transform your Practice? – Check out Professional Medical Billing and Coding Services

As a medical professional or practice, your patients should remain your primary concern. But the financial health of your own practice is important to ensure the highest quality of service to your patients. Here are some reasons why an increasing number of practices are moving to outsourced professional medical billing and coding to improve their practice’s bottom lines.


Compliance with federal regulations is highly important for any medical

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Top 3 Reasons to Outsource Radiology Billing

Specialization matters and no one can understand this better than healthcare providers. Would you perform surgery on yourself? Then why would you run your medical billing and coding in-house? Most radiology practices are hiring professional medical billing companies for medical billing and revenue management. Here are the top three reasons to Outsource Radiology Billing.

Billing Expertise

Professional medical billing companies hire and train billing exper

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3 Amazing Benefits of Professional Medical Billing Services for a Podiatry Practice

When you are a podiatrist dealing with a holding up room with patients suffering from ankle sprains, diabetic ulcers, tissue wounds in the feet and more, training your staff and keeping track of EMR prerequisites can be a huge challenge. Let's see what are the Benefits of Professional Medical Billing Services for a Podiatry Practice.What a podiatrist needs in such cases is a professional medical billing and coding company that has the right expertise and experie

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How is MACRA and MIPS Affecting Radiologists?

With significant declines in reimbursements, rapidly changing payment models and interoperability initiatives all coming to a head under the Merit based Incentive Payment Systems (MIPS); one of two values-based reimbursement models under the Medicare and Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA). It is important to consider, "How is MACRA and MIPS affecting Radiologists?"Radiologists must now look for new ways to better their health systems in order t

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What are the biggest challenges facing physicians in 2017?

A recent survey by Capitol One Spark Business shows that cash flow and reimbursement are their top concerns. It is the waiting for payment that is the most painful.The results of the survey show:69% cited cash flow and reimbursement as top concerns71% described this concern as moderate to very severe pain in waiting for the payment of medical services.40% of physicians are forced to charge their practices’ larger expenses.The members of this s

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Top 5 Reasons You Could Be Losing Out on Revenue

many gold coins lying in piles on a white backgroundThere are 5 top reasons a lot of physician offices are losing out on revenue. Most physician offices do not even realize the number of funds they are losing

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