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Don’t Understand Medical Billing? You Might Lose Your License.

What’s the most important thing they don’t teach you at medical school? And yes there is a lot they don’t teach at medical school but arguably the most important point in your future practice is medical billing. Medical billing is incredibly confusing and the new ICD-10 has somewhere in the region of 70 000 billing codes. Remembering and understanding all of this are imperative to get the right fee for your service. This is often where medical billing services come in. The argument for medical billing services has probably been made to you a hundred times over, yes they improve revenue and cash flow and mean you get to spend more time with your patients, but you might not have thought about how the billing service industry protects you from fraud charges.

The easiest way to ensure a safe and accurate medical bill is provided to ensurers is to call in the professionals.

Yes, that’s right, medical billing services could actually save you from costly fraud charges that might leave you and your practice in tatters. But why exactly is this? Well, having a poor understanding of the procedures you are performing or incorrectly entering billing codes can have dire consequences, as Dr. Joseph Pober recently found out.


If you recall the name Dr. Pober that’s because he became famous for helping out a trump supported who was injured in a brawl. But now the New York Post is reporting he finds himself in trouble over incorrect billing. The Board for Professional Medical Conduct is set to hold a hearing about Dr. Pober that will decide whether or not Dr. Pober has his medical license revoked. Dr. Pober is currently the defendant in a fraud charge after he allegedly falsely represented a number of skin graft procedures he did. These “deviated from medically accepted standards” according to the state.


Clearly, a medical billing service would not have this kind of issue. Their service provides the correct billing codes for insurers as they are experts in medical billing who understand the process and intricacies of the American system. If a practitioner is left to their own devices with medical billing, incorrect charges can be levied on insurers. As we have seen in the tragic case of Dr. Pober, this may lead to the loss of a doctor’s license.


Therefore the easiest way to ensure a safe and accurate medical bill is provided to insurers is to call in the professionals.