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HIMS Coder Educator – Career, Education, Salary and Additional Skills

Amongst all of the available jobs in the Medical Billing industry, the HIMS Coder educator is the most lucrative job. It is one of the most prestigious jobs in the industry, which is loved by millions. Well, if you are interested in this job profile, you need to know about everything. Here, you’ll get every bit of information about the job of HIMS Coder Educator. 

HIMS Coder Educator – Career, Education, Salary and Additional Skills


Roles and Responsibilities of HIMS Coder Educator 

The role of the HIMS coder educator is very diverse. But it mainly involves training individuals who have joined the field of Medical billing and coding. Here are a few core responsibilities of the HIMS Coder Educator, which you should know. 

1. Creating in-depth Study material and training modules for the HIMS coders. Along with the same, the HIMS Coder Educator has the responsibility of conducting the training sessions. 

2. Training the Staff with the Technical Aspects of the Billing Systems. In short, it’s Information Technology training with essential software programs. 

3. Preparing and maintaining the Departmental Training records and study materials. 

4. Reviewing and Understanding the Core performance areas of the new trainees. 

5. Develop an Educational Calendar for the Training Sessions for new joiners. Coder educators need to maintain the educational calendar. 

6. Working as the Knowledge Support Specialist to provide onsite technical support to the newly joined trainees. 

7. Keep the staff updated with the latest Regulations and the Medical coding standards. 

Educational Qualifications for HIMS Coder Educators

The role of the HIMS coder and educator is full of responsibilities. With the job of training all of the newly joined recruits, the coder educator needs to know the industry. Here are the educational qualifications required to become the HIMS medical coder educator. 

1. The Coder and Educator must have the necessary knowledge in the medical industry. The candidate must possess the Degree of Masters in Business Administration from a recognized university or college. 

2.Must have received Advanced Training in Health Information Management Systems principles and the adult learning principles. 

3. The candidate must have advanced knowledge of the Medical Coding and Billing regulations. Also, he/she must know the medical staff rules and regulations. 

4. The understanding of Medical terminologies, rules, regulations, standards, and laws regarding Medical coding and billing is a necessity. 

5. Having a Certification in Medical Coding is beneficial along with the RHAI, RHIT, and CSS certification. 

Salary Estimates for HIMS Coder Educator 

The salary is the only thing many people join this industry. The pay scale in the medical billing industry is better than the other sectors. According to the reports from 2012, the average salary of the HIMS Coder Educator was between $50,000 – $75,000/- per annum on average. The salary fluctuates depending on the skill set of the employee, company size, workload, and expertise. 

Soft Skills Requirements 

Every job profile requires a set of soft skills. Without the soft skills, the original skillset of the employee becomes ineffective. For the job of HIMS Coder Educator, these are the soft skill requirements. 

1.Must have Effective Educational, Training, and TeamWork skills. 

2. The HIMS coder educator must possess sophisticated communication skills. 

3. Advanced knowledge of the Healthcare management software programs is essential. 

4.Must have the Knowledge of Quality Assurance and Accreditation standards in the industry. 

Scope of the HIMS Coder Educator Job Profile | Final Words

The Medical billing and coding industry is flourishing rapidly. With the growth in the medical industry, the requirements of the coders and billers are increasing. Well, the HIMS Coder Educator has the most responsibilities in the company, as he/she has the job of training the recruits. HIMS educators usually work in the hi-tech environment in the large offices. So, nothing is frustrating in the work environment. Although the job profile requires you to handle the physical records, so it’s beneficial if you have some physical endurance. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with this job profile for anyone looking to enter the industry. 

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