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How Can EMR Build Better Patient Relationships?

Better Patient Relationships

There are no excuses as to why better patient relationships cannot be obtained with a little forward planning. The first thing to do is to review the current systems that are in place in your medical practice as it is these very procedures and platforms that help build confidence in both healthcare workers and patients. And EMR can Build Better Patient Relationships.


Electronic medical records are the way forward if we are to judge by the number of practices that are choosing to use these systems. Having all the patient information at hand by the touch of a button is extremely advantageous and speeds up the processes making it efficient, organized and streamlined.  Any doubts that EMR systems prevent therapists from fully engaging with their patients has long been proven wrong. In fact, the opposite is true. It affords doctors and medical staff to spend more quality time with their patients. And that is how EMR build better patient relationships.


There are two key points required if you are changing over to an EMR system.


  • Take time to get comfortable with your new EMR system
  • Customize it to suit your needs


Understanding the system completely is vital of course. This takes a little time as you need to understand each system’s individual traits and to comprehend how to utilize it to its best advantages. Once you are fully au-fait with the system and how it works, then, it is time to allow colleagues to do the same. Some may have negative thoughts about new processes preferring the old patient record system, but, most will see this as progress.  For some, the difficulties will be learning a new system as this does take time. It may even add pressure to an already pressured daily schedule. Sometimes, we find it difficult to see the overall goal when under stress. However, once a new EMR system has been learned then, a smoother efficient service becomes apparent and the pressure eases. This always has a knock-on effect on your patients who also see new confidence in the staff and benefit from the extra time they spend with medical experts. And that is one of the many ways EMR Build Better Patient Relationships.


Another great bonus to having an EMR system in your practice is the ability to tailor it to your own business needs. This may well enable you to redefine your business in ways that you would have considered impossible. It also allows you to tailor it more to your patients’ needs which can speed up processes and cut back on things like typing. These time-saving elements not only save on expenses but also mean you or your staff get more time doing what you were originally trained for and that is looking after your patients.

Most EMR systems will allow you to create evaluation profiles and this can help eliminate simple mistakes like adding information twice.


Any better patient relationship building is likely to happen with honest communication. Patients will judge you on how well they have been treated on both a personal level and in a medical sense. This technology allows it all to happen in a seamless fashion.  As you enter personal and medical data into the system (something that would have been done when the patient was not there before) you can interact with the patient and include them in the whole process. This becomes a much more personal service and is likely to build a solid rapport with the client. Your work with the patient will be at your fingertips and you will be able to interact with the patient in a way that was not possible before. Patient confidence will quickly grow.


Working with Electronic medical record software can certainly finetune the business and create better patient relationships. It’s worth the effort and will create a new aspect of the central business. And that’s how EMR Build Better Patient Relationships.