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How to Check Patient Engagement

A medical practice that doesn’t understand the degree of patient engagement and satisfaction will not be able to reproduce the positive experience and improve their practice. So, you need to Check Patient Engagement in your practice.

Here are 4 great ideas to make it easier for you to measure your practice’s patient engagement.

Happy Staff = Satisfied Patients

Happy employees lead to happy patients. Improved patient engagement naturally depends on how trained and content your staff is.

This means surveying your staff (as well as patients) will give you an idea of whether the patients like or dislike your practice.

How to Check Patient Engagement

Create an Engagement-Friendly Environment

To ensure a high degree of patient engagement, you need the office to be designed as a place where engagement feels natural, for example, a waiting room and front office that is warm and puts patients at ease.

Your staff should remember that patients are not feeling a hundred percent when they walk-in. They may be tired, scared or anxious. A genuine smile and assurance can reduce patients’ mental discomfort.

Talk to Patients

Survey your patients with questions related to engagement, such as how professional the staff is, whether the patients felt they were being listened to and so on. It will be a great way to Check Patient Engagement.

Be Present

Your staff may not be physically available round-the-clock but software and smartphone apps can make this possible.

A large percentage of patients are comfortable communicating via mobile apps, that it is worth exploring the idea of a patient portal with the EHR software.

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