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Emerald Health LLC Best Medical Billing Company in New York:Top Services in NY

If you are looking for a medical billing company in NY then look no further than Emerald Health. We stand out from the rest because we focus entirely on meeting the needs of your practice. Managing your medical billing properly can be a real headache when you are running a busy medical practice so we are here to help you.

We want you to concentrate on providing the highest levels of care to your patients and use Emerald Health medical billing services in New York to take care of all of your medical billing needs and more.

When you are trying to choose between medical billing companies in NY it is important that you choose the one that offers you the best in terms of reliability and performance. At Emerald health, we have a lot of experience in medical billing and will provide you with the very best service.


One of our specialities is insurance claims. Our experienced team will ensure that you have the best possible chance of successful claims with insurance companies through their superior knowledge in this area. We will check every one of your claims manually before you send them to the insurance companies.

There are going to be occasions of denied claims whatever medical billing services in NY you choose to use. At Emerald Health we use a tried and tested follow up process on denied claims that will maximize your revenue.

What are the Benefits of Emerald Health Medical Billing Services in New York?

Emerald Health medical billing services offer you numerous benefits. We have the experience and knowhow to ensure that you receive the maximum revenue and reduce your costs to a minimum.

For productivity and efficiency improvements we have our Revenue Cycle Management service that will assist you to speed up your cash flow and decrease your costs at the same time. We use industry benchmarks to provide you with key performance indicators so that you can easily identify areas for improvement in your practice.

Every medical centre needs to use the right key performance indicators (KPI’s) to ensure that their practices are as efficient as they can be when it comes to medical billing. Take a look at these KPI’s we will provide for you:

Percentage of Accounts Receivable over 120 Days

You must know what percentage of your amounts receivable are more than 120 days old so that you can take action on this. Data here includes patient payments as well as third party payments.

Rate Adjustments for Collections

Most practices are not aware of how much they can collect per $100 against a certain CPT code. When you use Emerald Health medical billing services in NY we will calculate this for you by dividing collected revenue by net allowable charges.

(DAR) Days Accounts Receivable

You really need to be aware of this. With this indicator, the calculation is your total receivables divided by a year’s worth of gross charges and 365 days.

The Cash you are Collecting

Another of our indicators will show you your cash collections.

It is essential that you use benchmarking indicators for your medical billing. At Emerald Health we will implement this for your practice and then you can track all of your cash balances and compare them to industry benchmarks for problem identification.

We consider ourselves to be one of the best medical billing companies in New York as we provide you with so much visibility. With our medical billing services, you can track your cash balances month on month, on a quarter by quarter basis as well as a year on year basis. This puts you in total control of your billing.

You will receive the following benefits when you choose Emerald Health Medical Billing Services:

1. We will help you to maximize revenue

2. We will help you to decrease your costs in employee turnover, training and expenditure on payroll

3. We will help you to reduce the amount of time in accounts receivable which in turn accelerates your cash flow

4. We will help you to increase your cash balances

5. We will provide you with benchmark KPI’s so that you have a higher degree of transparency

6. We will improve the efficiency of your medical billing so you concentrate on the quality care of your patients

7. We provide this comprehensive service to you at a flat rate which is low

Our aim at Emerald Health is improving your practice profitability. Your expertise is in the provision of the highest possible patient care so you can concentrate on that while we collect your revenue. We will take care of everything for you so that you do not have to employ your own people to do this.

The software of the Highest Quality

We have a great deal of experience with medical billing services. At Emerald Health we have the right team with the know-how and experience to manage your medical billing in the most efficient way and maximize your revenues.

When you use our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software you will find the interface very user-friendly and intuitive. With the EMR you can enter details of your patients fast and find what you need quickly too. For electronic prescribing (eRx) you can use an iPhone, iPad or your computer.

Our EMR software is very comprehensive:

1. There is comprehensive charting available using a single screen

2. You get total medication management with monitoring of drug to drug and drug to allergy as well as electronic prescribing

3. You can record and view patient encounters in standard SOAP note format

4. You can easily track prescriptions, follow-ups, subjective and objective assessments, medication, diagnostics and more with a single click

5. There are templates you can customize for patient records

6. In any field, you can insert a macro

7.Create your own reports with the report generator

8. Keep your documents organized

9.Upload documents externally into the system

10. Document signature options include batch single click and individual sign off

11.Interface customization for physician-owned laboratories

12.Interface customization for reference laboratories

13.Interface with Holter, PFT, and EKG instruments

14.Track unbilled patient encounters

15.Integrated efficient Practice Management (PM) system

And a lot more…

At Emerald Health we have developed a comprehensive Practice Management (PM) system which provides you with sophisticated features to manage your practice more efficiently. These include:

1.Professional scheduler allowing multiple locations, multiple providers and customizable time slots

2.The very best appointment calendar where you can view appointments by day, week or month. Filtering by the provider is also possible.

3.Create customized schedules

4. Find your appointments easily

5.Set up the alerts that you want

6. Easily track visit status

7.Batch running of patient eligibility

8.Complete management of your finances

9.Run all financial reports you need

10.Complete user audit trail

There is a minimal learning curve with the Emerald Health medical billing software because it is so easy to use and intuitive. If you require some customization of the software for your practice then this may be possible with no additional charge.

If you want to access medical records from a mobile device you can. Our software provides you with the ability of Super Bill customization.

Frequently Asked Questions while choosing Medical Billing Company in New York


Q1.What should you expect from a medical billing company?

A medical billing company in NY will ensure the entry of critical data for the efficient running of medical practice. Emerald Health will manage the medical billing for you allowing you to concentrate on the best medical care for your patients.

Q2.What does a medical billing company like Emerald Health do?

We will track all of your billing and receivables and provide professional follow up on claims not paid. The top medical billing companies like Emerald Health will increase revenues for medical practices.

Q3.How does Emerald Health work?

We will handle all data entry requirements and submit claims on your behalf. We provide professional follow up on denied claims and we can send invoices directly to your patients.

Q4.What changes should you expect from medical billing companies?

Medical billing companies in New York charge an agreed percentage on your collectables. The average in the industry is 7% for the processing of claims.

Q5.What is the main reason that medical practices choose medical billing services?

Most choose medical billing services because it frees them up to focus on providing excellent quality care to their patients.


There are many ways you can benefit from choosing Emerald Health for your medical billing services in New York. There are other companies offering these services and our mission is to be the best. Please contact us here right now so that we can discuss your medical billing services requirements with no obligation.