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Medical Billing Service Pricing

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Medical Billing Services Pricing

Medical Billing Services Pricing

Our medical billing services fees are based on a percentage of the amount you receive, both from insurance and patients. The only other charge is a one-time startup fee.

This is $500.00 or less per provider.  Many of our customers find that they both reduce their administrative costs, as well as increase their revenue with our expert services.  Since we also run a large medical practice, we understand and feel your pain every day.

Many of our customers have specialized needs, or claims that may pay a larger or smaller amount. We specialize in understanding and adapting to your unique case.

In many cases we can assist with data migration, depending on the software you are currently using.

Medical Billing Services: Limited Time Offer

Try Emerald Health EMR for only $100/month for the first 3 months, no additional commitments.

  • Affordable set up fees of $500 or less per provider
  • Very Competitive FLAT RATE for premium medical billing services plan – CALL FOR QUOTE

Discounted EMR/PM Suite

Discounted EMR available when you sign-up for Emerald Health’s Medical Billing Services. Call to get pricing details.

CONTACT US to take advantage of this offer.