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Billing and Coding System for Anesthesiologists



A practice’s anesthesiology team is among the busiest in the building. Rushing from one surgery or consultation to the next makes billing difficult. Time is often miscalculated, and the wrong codes are often put into the system. Late payments and denied claims seem to be par for the course for anesthesiologists.

While those might be normal problems, they don’t have to be. Let Emerald Health handle your anesthesiology medical billing. Our system was designed to reduce denied claims and increase revenue for practices. The system integrates directly with your systems so you don’t have to do a thing. We’ll retrieve the information we need, send out the bills, and allow you to get reimbursement quickly and easily.

Medical billing is easy and efficient when you go with Emerald Health.

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No More Lost Revenue

If you were to conduct a billing audit, what do you think you would find? There’s a good chance you would come across lost revenue. Finding it months after the fact is hardly uncommon. Practices often find billing mistakes months down the road, meaning that their anesthesiology team is offering up their services for free.

Emerald Health streamlines the billing processes so all services are billed properly and without fail. We pull all necessary medical records and performs procedures and then send out the bills quickly. Your practice should see an increase in revenue immediately when you start using Emerald Health.

How do we do this? It comes down to our simplified process that removes human error. We created our system to streamline medical billing and eliminate mistakes. This allows our clients to receive more money on a regular basis.

We integrated our system with a single practice at first and then expanded it to serve more and more clients. By doing this slowly, we were able to create a system that provides error-free billing in the most efficient way possible.


Anesthesiology Billing Services

Anesthesiology Medical Billing with Emerald Health – The Clear Solution

When clients turn to Emerald Health for their anesthesiology medical billing, they enjoy countless benefits. The increase in revenue is the most obvious benefit. Our streamlined billing system ensures that claims get paid quickly.

We also free up our clients to focus on patient care. When billing is no longer a concern, staff can dedicate all of their time to patients. This improves the practice’s overall level of care.

Compliance is also a huge benefit. Our medical billing team is compliant with all rules and regulations, including those that govern Medicare and Medicaid disbursements. This doesn’t just ensure faster payment. It also ensures that your practice will be able to continue accepting Medicare and Medicaid. That’s important for the financial health of your practice.

Don’t make the mistake of handling billing on your own. You are leaving money on the table, and that hurts your practice. Give yourself the time and money you need to focus on your patients by choosing Emerald Health. Let us be your billing partner. We will handle all of your billing needs while you handle your patient care.