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Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery Billing and Coding Assistance


As the demand for bariatric surgery continues to increase, practices have more and more to do. They have to handle the influx of patients and help them along their weight loss journeys. At the same time, they need to make sure their bariatric surgery medical billing practices are compliant so they can make money.

This is difficult for practices of all sizes, which is why many turn to Emerald Health. We have bariatric surgery medical billers on staff, ready to handle all of your billing needs. These medical billers have spent years in bariatric surgery, and they have advanced knowledge of the procedures used. From weight management to surgery and aftercare, our team will ensure that all bills meet regulations and are paid in a timely fashion.

Bariatric Surgery Billing Services


The Importance of Single-Specialty Medical Billers

Many bariatric surgery practices make the mistake of hiring general medical billers. These billers have a basic understanding of the procedures used in bariatric surgery, but it is not uncommon for them to miss a code or two. Every mistake equals a late payment, and soon, the practice can end up underwater.

We only use bariatric surgery medical billers who have years of experience in bariatric surgery. They have worked in bariatric surgery offices around the country, and now, they can work for your office remotely. Our system will connect with your bariatric surgery practice and import all of the necessary billing information. Then, our single-specialty medical billers will code and send out the bills, and you won’t have to do a thing. The process is incredibly easy for your practice, and it will help you earn more revenue.

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More Control for Your Practice

Providers want to have a certain amount of control over their bariatric surgery practices, and because of that, they are often afraid of outsourcing their medical billing. When you outsource to Emerald Health, you actually end up with more control over your practice.

When we handle the time-consuming medical billing process, you will have more time to devote to your patients and your staff. You will suddenly feel as if you are in the driver’s seat at your practice.

That control will grow even more as you start making more money with your practice. We have a proven track record of helping practices earn more revenue, and you can use that revenue to grow and expand your practice even more. That’s the definition of control when it comes to owning a bariatric surgery practice.

More Consistency

Emerald Health also offers increased consistency. We ensure that you don’t experience an interruption when it comes to your revenue stream. Our fully compliant medical billing team keeps the money coming in month after month like clockwork.

Emerald Health is the missing piece of your practice’s puzzle. When you add us to your existing practice, you can grow it in leaps and bounds. Let us help you get even more out of your bariatric surgery practice. With our help, you can focus on your patients and make more money than ever before.