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Medical Billing for Cardiology Centers



Cardiologists have a stressful job. It’s up to them to treat heart murmurs, coronary heart disease, hypertension, and heart attacks. In other words, it is up to them to keep patients alive, even when they have serious health problems.

Cardiologists have enough on their plates already without worrying about medical billing. Let Emerald Health handle your cardiology medical billing needs so you can put all of your energy into your patients. We will make sure that every procedure is properly coded and billed, and we will track all payments to make sure they come into your practice in a timely fashion. With our help, your practice will increase its revenue, and you can dedicate even more time and energy to patient care.

That means your practice wins and your patients win when you go with Emerald Health.


Cardiology Medical Billing Specialist



The Importance of Using a Cardiology Medical Billing Specialist

Some practices hire medical billers without giving any thought to their specialties. They might pick up medical billers who have worked in pain management or general surgery. While they might be good medical billers in their own right, they do not understand the complexities involved in cardiology medical billing. That is why Emerald Health has a team of medical billers that specialize in cardiology. That way, our billers don’t make costly errors that prevent clients from receiving payments.

Our specialists know the factors that impact cardiology medical billing.

For instance, complications that are discovered before the patient is examined by the cardiologist can impact billing. Medical billing specialists also need to indicate the patient’s current level of health. Inexperienced billers do not realize this impacts the level of expertise required by the cardiologist, which, in turn, impacts the billing process.

Then, of course, the cardiologist medical billing specialist also must indicate the amount of time the cardiologist and patient spent together as well as the procedure or procedures provided during the appointment.


expert billing specialists doing medical coding



Outsourced Medical Billing – The Key to Gaining Control

There’s a misconception that outsourcing cardiology medical billing means giving up control of your practice, but that’s not the case when you use Emerald Health. In fact, our clients enjoy a newfound freedom. No longer saddled with complex medical billing procedures, they are able to turn their focus to their patients.

At the same time, we help our clients increase their revenue. Our clients are amazed by how much more control they have when they start making more money. They suddenly have the control to grow their practice or hire additional staff.

As you can see, outsourcing your medical billing is the key to getting back into the driver’s seat. It’s also the key to having the type of practice you’ve always wanted to have.

Cardiology medical billing is complex, and you need a specialist on your side. Contact us today to find out how our system can integrate directly with your system, providing the seamless medical billing you need. If you want to increase revenue and control, we are the obvious choice.