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You want to run an efficient and profitable practice, and that begins with your medical billing team. If your medical billers aren’t up-to-date with billing codes, terminology, and regulations, you won’t receive prompt payment. That means it will be hard for you to provide the best in patient care.

Training a team from the ground up isn’t an option. You don’t have the time or resources to teach people everything they need to know about gastroenterology medical billing. Fortunately, that isn’t necessary. Emerald Health has skilled gastroenterology medical billers on hand, ready to get started. Our team has worked in the field for years and stays current on new procedures, terms, and codes. That includes codes for evaluation and management services as well as modifiers. This ensures that you will get quick payment for all services rendered.

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Outsourcing Gastroenterology Medical Billing – The Clear Choice

You might still be fighting the urge to keep your gastroenterology medical billing in-house, but that is a mistake. Emerald Health provides a comprehensive service that streamlines your medical billing needs.

This begins with verifying and authorizing the insurance and ends with patient collections. In between, we handle patient enrollment, payment posting, and account management.

When you use our services, you will have more time to dedicate to your patients and the rest of your staff. You will no longer be stressed out about billing, and you also won’t have to worry about hemorrhaging money. In fact, you will likely notice a spike in revenue immediately. You can use those extra funds to expand your practice or bring on new staff. It is easy to grow when you have more money in the bank.


Streamlined Billing

Our software was built for practices of all sizes. We began working with a single practice, and our software took off from there. Now, we work with providers all over the country.

Our system can integrate directly with your practice’s system, pulling all of the data and records we need for accurate medical billing. We have created a system that eliminates human error and ensures that our clients get paid in a timely fashion.

Also, because we know that all gastroenterology practices are different, our medical billing services are completely customizable. You don’t have to worry about the customization process though. We look at your practice and then customize the services accordingly.

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Detailed Audits So Nothing Slips Through

We know that our system works, but we still believe in detailed audits to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. Our audits look at billing practices and payments to ensure that everything is running as it should. If we notice a problem with the system, we fix it immediately so our clients can continue to receive money as quickly as possible.

You want to focus on patient care, but you can only do that if your billing system is working properly. With our help, you can put your focus back on your patients. Contact us to learn more about how our gastroenterology medical billing system will transform your practice.