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Internal Medicine Billing and Coding System



Medical billing for internal medicine is more complicated than it is for most practices. Unlike a specialist, an internal medicine provider treats the entire body, meaning he or she commonly treats a variety of conditions. Also, the internal medicine provider is often tasked with making the initial diagnosis and treatment, and he or she typically refers patients to other providers.

By acting as the gateway to medical care, these providers bill for more services than most providers. That means internal medicine medical billing specialists have to be knowledgeable in multiple areas of treatment. They must know how to bill for various tests, procedures, and treatments, and if they don’t, the practice won’t get all of the money it is owed.

If you are afraid your practice is leaving money on the table, it is time to contact Emerald Health. Our internal medicine medical billing specialists have spent years in internal medicine. They have worked for countless practices, and now, they are available for you. Your team will customize the billing system to work with your existing practice, allowing you to maximize your revenue while becoming more efficient.


Internal Medicine


Streamlined Services for Your Office

The idea of setting up a new billing system might be frightening, but it is easy with Emerald Health. We have created a system that integrates into your existing system seamlessly.

Our system links directly with your internal medicine office. We are able to pull your insurance information, medical records, patient demographics, and more and bring them directly into our system. We can even capture data on-site.

Our system was created to make practices more efficient while reducing billing errors. This system makes it easy for your staff to focus on your patients. You can diagnose and treat your patients with ease, all the while knowing that you will get reimbursed for all of your hard work. That takes the stress out of the process. You can focus on your patients without worrying about money.


Streamlined Medical Billing


Stabilize Your Accounts Receivables

Emerald Health isn’t your standard medical biller. We have perfected the system, allowing us to increase first-pass claim approval rates while reducing denied claims. We also specialize in processing denial claims, and with an accounts receivable team that is on duty all day and all night, we stay on top of all claims.

You might wonder how we have managed this, and the answer is actually quite simple. We didn’t grow too quickly. Our medical billing system initially served a single physician practice. Then, we slowly expanded it so we could serve more and more clients, including those in internal medicine. The end result is a system that works for everyone.

Your practice’s well-being depends on its revenue. Increase the overall health of your practice while treating your patients with our help. We might not be able to diagnose a disease or order tests, but we can help your internal medicine practice increase its revenue. Stabilize your accounts receivable and the overall health of your practice with our help.