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Medical Billing Services for Neurology Practices



As a neurologist, it is your job to treat patients’ brains and spinal cords. This is a stressful specialty, but it can be incredibly rewarding. Every time you find a way to improve a patient’s quality of life, you remember why you went into medicine in the first place.

While the feeling you get might feel like payment, you know that your practice needs real money to survive. The more money your practice brings in, the more patients you can treat and the better the quality of care you can provide. You can pay for continuing education for your staff and upgrade your medical equipment with those funds. You can even bring on more staff to provide patients with faster treatment.

This might sound like a pipe dream, but with our help, you can make it happen. Our medical billing specialists help practices just like yours increase revenue. Our system was built to eliminate human error and reduce claim denials, all while bringing more money into neurology practices.


Neurology Billing Services Massachusetts


Why Emerald Health Is the Right Choice for Neurology Medical Billing

Countless neurology practices have turned to Emerald Health for their medical billing, and the evidence is clear. We offer superior medical billing service.

When you choose Emerald Health, you enjoy:

– Single-specialty medical billers
— Unlike other companies that only use general medical billers, we have a team of experienced neurology medical billers. Our team members have spent years working in the neurology field, and each member has a vast knowledge of cardiology procedures and terms. This allows us to submit error-free bills.

– Increased profits
— Fewer billing errors means more profits for our clients. We make sure that all procedures are properly billed. By refusing to leave any money on the table, our clients see a surge of profits. Many are amazed by how much more money they can make while still seeing the same number of patients and completing the same procedures. They simply haven’t been getting paid for all of their work, and we change that.

– More control
— More time and money means more control for our clients. Our clients have more time to focus on patients, and they can do the things they’ve always wanted to do, such as grow their practices. This type of control is exciting for practitioners.

– Lower costs
— Medical billing training is expensive. Also, employing a team of full-time billers means you’ll pay for insurance and payroll taxes while covering full-time salaries. We eliminate those costs so you can keep more money in the bank, all while having an experienced medical billing team at your disposal.


Neurology lower medical costs

Your medical billing is the key to running your practice. You need the money to care for your patients, so stop leaving it on the table. Let Emerald Health help you get the money you’ve earned. You work hard every day you go to your practice, and it’s time to get paid for all that you do. With our help, you can leave the stress of medical billing behind and put your focus on treating your patients.