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Complying with regulations is important for all practices, but it is possibly most important for those in pain management. Pain management clinics have a laundry list of regulations they must follow to ensure that they meet all of the guidelines put forth to protect patients. With so many patient protections in place, you might forget to protect yourself.

Let Emerald Health worry about your interests while you focus on your patients. Our medical billing specialists will ensure that you are paid in a timely fashion each and every time you treat a patient. Spend your time focusing on patient care and meeting strict guidelines while we handle all of the billing needs.

Your Pain Management Medical Billing Specialists

You treat a variety of patients, and each one has specific needs. You might deal with back pain one minute, and then have someone who suffers from neck pain the next minute. One person might be there for workers’ comp, and another might be there because he or she is fighting cancer.

With so many unique needs and medications, you need a team on your side that specializes in pain management. Our pain management medical billing specialists have spent years in the pain management field. Each person stays on top of the latest pain medications and techniques. That allows our specialists to enter the correct billing codes with every bill we process.

We make sure that each bill we send out documents the medical necessity for the procedure and medication. While this is always important, it is critical when it comes to pain management. If a treatment isn’t deemed medically necessary, it will be denied. Even if you’re able to resubmit the claim and get it paid, you will have to wait months for payment. We specialize in getting bills paid the first time around. By reducing denials, we keep a steady cash flow going directly into our clients’ bank accounts.

Pain Management Billing Services


Reduce the Impact of Turnover

Turnover in pain management medical billing is relatively normal. When a medical billing team member leaves, the staff has to hire and train a new person. This makes it likely that medical bills will go out much more slowly for the coming months.

You don’t have to worry about turnover and training when you use us. Our dedicated team is here for you 24 hours a day, and you don’t have to spend your time or money on training. We make pain management medical billing cost-effective and efficient. You know you’ll always have a team working for you when you go with Emerald Health.

As a provider, patient care is your number one focus. However, it’s impossible to provide the best in care if you don’t have money coming into your practice. Let us tackle that problem for you while you focus on your patients. We will help you bring in a steady stream of revenue so you can manage your patients’ pain more effectively.


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