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Plastic Surgery

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There is so much more to plastic surgery than meets the eye. On the surface, people think it is all about looks. Patients seek plastic surgery services to fix imperfections so they look better to the outside world. But at Emerald Health, we know that plastic surgeons also address serious medical concerns. Many plastic surgeons help patients live healthier, happier lives, but unfortunately, their bottom line doesn’t show that. They leak money because their medical billing team doesn’t understand how to differentiate between medical and cosmetic services, and that causes the practice to hemorrhage money.


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Emerald Health’s plastic surgery medical billing team is different. Our team members have years of experience in plastic surgery medical billing and understand the process for both cosmetic and medical procedures. When you work with us, you won’t leave any money on the table. You will increase your revenue while reducing claim denials. That extra money will help you focus on what you do best, which is patient care. You can work with your patents and let us handle the rest.

Is Your Plastic Surgery Practice Losing Money?

Emerald Health has identified countless areas where plastic surgery practices lose money. Fortunately, our plastic surgery medical billing team knows how to maximize profits in each of these areas.


Plastic Surgery Billing System



Each year, countless people get rhinoplasty to treat a deviated septum, while others get it for purely cosmetic reasons. If there is a medical reason behind the procedure, insurance companies need to know. Proper billing ensures that plastic surgeons are fully reimbursed for reconstructive procedures. Our team will help your plastic surgery practice get a full reimbursement for the procedure.


Blepharoplasty is another procedure that can be done for cosmetic reasons or out of medical necessity. Using the proper medical billing techniques is necessary to ensure that plastic surgeons receive the compensation they’ve earned.

Breast Reconstruction

It is surprising how many plastic surgery practices use incorrect billing codes for breast reconstruction. While it can be cosmetic, many people get it for health reasons. Even when that is the case, the billing still isn’t straightforward. The surgery is usually a combination of medically necessary and cosmetic procedures and has to be billed accordingly or the claim will be denied.

Our medical billing team understands what falls into each category and uses the best billing methods to increase the revenue stream.


People tend to think of repairing cleft palates as cosmetic, but that is only partially the case. Plastic surgeons also treat this as an important reconstructive procedure that helps with the patient’s overall health. Emerald Health’s team of plastic surgery medical billing specialists identifies the reconstructive nature of the procedure and bills for it accordingly.

Emerald Health can help you increase your revenue without any additional effort. Let us handle your billing needs so you can focus on your patients. With our help, you will increase the money you bring in while reducing your claim denials. That will make it much easier to have a profitable and efficient practice.