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Sleep Medicine

Billing and Insurance Claim Service for Sleep Medicine Treatment

Keeping a sleep clinic up and running is hard work. You have to diagnose and treat patients, and you also have to make sure your billing is efficient and compliant. A single error means the bill won’t get paid in time, and you could even end up getting audited. Talk about stress.

Avoid the stress of sleep medicine medical billing by outsourcing to Emerald Health. Emerald Health is a different type of medical biller. With the help of our proprietary system and sole-specialty billers, you will have the peace of mind that comes with error-free bills. Your revenue stream will be much more consistent, and you can run your practice more efficiently and effectively.

Sleep Medicine Billing Services

Our Specialties

Emerald Health specializes in the entire sleep medicine medical billing process. That includes:

– Coding

– Collecting from insurance companies

– Collecting from patients

– Claim denial processing

– Customer service

Our specialties allow you to maximize your revenue when you use us. You can boost your earnings while providing better care to your patients.

 Sleep Medicine treatment customer service

We Explain Benefits to Patients

Patients need to have a full understanding of their benefits before undergoing treatment at a sleep medicine clinic. Many people think they are covered when they aren’t, while others assume they will have to pay out of pocket when their insurance companies cover them. We verify the insurance and explain the benefits to your patients, including what their payment obligation will be. Also, if your practice’s policy requires it, we will collect the amount the patient owes prior to the procedure. We will go over your practice’s payment policies before implementing our system.

Increase Your Revenue and Reduce Costs

Emerald Health shortens the billing cycle and provides you with a reliable stream of revenue. With our advanced collection techniques, you can count on money coming in at a certain time each month. That makes it easier to budget and plan.

We also help clients reduce costs. You don’t have to pay for expensive benefit plans or training with Emerald Health. Our system allows you to save money while still getting top-of-the-line sleep medicine medical billing services.

Better Patient Care with Emerald Health

You care about your patients and want to provide them with the best care possible, and Emerald Health can help. We free up your time so you can focus on your patients instead of worrying about medical billing. We also make it easier to care for your patients by pumping more revenue into your practice. More revenue means more employees and better training. It can even mean better facilities. That will help you provide the best care around. Your patient satisfaction rates will go up as your level of care improves.

If you are ready to take your practice to the next level, contact Emerald Health today. We can connect to your system and start billing for your practice. With our help, you will improve patient satisfaction while increasing your revenue. Then, you can finally take your sleep medicine practice to the next level.