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Podiatry Billing

Emerald Health’s highly-qualified podiatry billing specialists are experts in Medicare podiatry policies for all carriers. Whether your podiatry practice focuses on surgery, wound care or nail care, or all podiatry offerings, Emerald Health podiatry billing will get you paid.


Because Emerald Health is the podiatry billing company of choice for many podiatry practices, we understand and analyze podiatry billing trends and utilize this information to maximize your revenue. Denials and accounts receivables will be reduced, getting you faster and correct payments for your podiatry services.


What Makes Emerald Health the Best Podiatry Billing Company

  • We specialize in podiatry, coding and billing accurately and resulting in fewer denials and lower accounts receivables
  • Our proven billing system targets faster pay and higher profitability
  • Our billing specialists carry out extensive insurance follow-ups
  • Emerald Health specializes in denial claims processing which make or break a practice
  • Emerald Health podiatry billing service allows you to focus on your podiatry practice and patient care
  • When you work with Emerald Health, you do not have to worry about buying expensive equipment or hiring and retaining staff


You can easily expect an increase of 5% or more, in net-to-practice revenue in the first year of the Emerald Health contract.


If you are looking for a comprehensive, complete and reliable podiatry billing service company, contact us today for a free revenue cycle assessment and phone consultation.