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Prevent Common Medical Billing Errors

The payment for medical services rendered is directly affected by the accuracy of medical coding and billing. Hence, physicians and medical practices can’t afford to have erroneous or delayed billing. It can seriously impact their bottom line. So, it’s important that you have complete knowledge of how to prevent common medical billing errors.


Continuous updates in the health care industry require fast-paced changes and the adoption of modern technology. However, these changes also add to the likelihood of errors. This is why many healthcare practices have outsourced their medical coding and billing tasks to reputed medical billing companies. These companies have the required capabilities, such as trained staff and regularly updated software and technology.  And that way you can prevent common medical billing errors


Errors in medical billing not only impact your bottom line but also the patients. Errors can make patients face financial issues or being pushed to pay for services they didn’t receive. This can cause patient dissatisfaction which doesn’t bode well for any medical practice.

Common Billing Errors


  • Treatment and diagnosis code mismatch
  • Not justifying medical necessity
  • Entering the wrong data
  • Duplicate billing
  • Careless use of balance billing
  • Failure to verify insurance coverage
  • Undercoding / upcoding
  • Unbundling services

Prevent Medical Billing Errors

Errors mean claim denials and rejections. Correcting claims and resubmitting them can take a lot of time and negatively impact a practice’s cash flow. Hence, it makes sense to prevent these errors in the first place. Verifying patient information, checking that diagnosis and treatment codes match, proper insurance verification and hiring a medical billing company with the right expertise can help you avoid billing errors.


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