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Electronic medical registers (EMR) have become an important part of an evolving medical center practice but, although a medical practice gains in many ways, so does the service given to patients and will make a big difference to patient care going forward. and it supports the aim of providing a better service for patients too.  By utilizing the EMR, it transforms health care, and this is because now, patients become the priority. Emerald health will help you Going Green and Improved Patient Care.

Electronic medical registers

Many patients complain about the frustrations of having to wait for long periods to see their doctor or, having to fill in an abundance of paperwork when there. When feeling unwell, filling in forms and waiting only adds to frustrations experienced, increasing blood pressure and anxiety levels too. When a health issue is serious or, potentially so, waiting is an irritation. It’s also costly in respect of time away from work.

An electronic medical register will improve many aspects of doctor/patient care too. As a prime example, it can improve communication, safety and enables the doctors to be patient-centered. Patients need to feel important, they are important and need to feel listened to. But, they also need to know that the doctor really understands how they feel. Above all else, they want reassurance. When discussing symptoms, they need to know that the doctor has noted all their symptoms and fears correctly. When using paper, the doctor would take copious notes leaving a margin for error. The EMR provides a solution for this.


An EMR has many benefits including:


  • Eliminates the risk of mistakes or of files being lost or misplaced
  • Improves the promotion of preventative medicine as it increases the coordination of healthcare services.
  • Information and communication come from multiple sources.
  • Patients can be diagnosed more effectively, and clinical decision-making improves
  • Increased security
  • Faster access to prescriptions


When the patient’s details are added to the system, it saves them having to reiterate the main points and enables the doctor to focus on the meeting at hand. This improves communication and understanding. Additionally, the EMR can improve or at least, advocate better lifestyles and health aspects including nutrition. This increases preventative care.


It may be possible to advise a healthier way of life when using the EMR, so, increasing exercise can help people avoid obesity or, for patients to understand the damage that smoking can do. It is possible that this guidance could reach more people.


Patient portal software and EMR help the coordination of healthcare services. Patients can save time by not having to call into the center to gain their test results. Prescriptions for treatment will also be more reliable and this will save time. It’s all added online. But it’s not just patients who are seeing an improvement.


The World Health Organization states that:


‘The proper collection, management and use of information within healthcare systems will determine the system’s effectiveness in detecting health problems, defining priorities, identifying innovative solutions and allocating resources to improve health outcomes. That is how Emerald health will help you Going Green and Improved Patient Care. Going Green and Improved Patient Care.


From a medical center perspective, by changing from paper to electronic-based systems, they are investing in the future development of the practice. There’s less waste in the office, less space needed for paper files and an EMR is naturally more environmentally friendly than working with paper and so, efficiency and simplicity wins.

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