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Top list of medical Billing Companies in USA

Top List of Medical Billing Companies in USA

Top List of Medical Billing Companies in USA

Why Outsource Medical Billing? It’s time to consider a reform to the way you practice medicine by compiling a top list of medical billing companies in USA.

And logic dictates that you should look for a partner that will alleviate the need for you to directly manage the revenue stream for your practice. This also makes prudent financial sense, as a way to control your fixed costs. A a professional in-house biller comes with a significant annual salary, while a medical billing company such as Emerald Health works to bring in your revenue, without adding any fixed costs to your bottom line. We charge a percentage of revenue — that’s it.

This article is a helpful list of items to consider when compiling your top list of medical billing companies in the USA, and then conducting your evaluation.

Things To Remember Before Outsourcing Medical Billing

Many practices are unable to monitor the performance of their billing company as there is no reporting mechanism in place through which practices can look at the aging of their claims. Make certain there is a financial aging summary when comparing your top list of medical billing companies in USA.

Stay away from managing an offshore billing vendor. With offshore billing companies, we know from first-hand experience that your problems can be significant. Often they fall into one of these two areas:
a. Horrible Support – language barriers, lack of understanding and education about the US insurance system, staying on top of payer payment changes, and the frustrations of being transferred from one customer representative to another, rather than having your own dedicated manager.
b. Privacy Concerns – Is sharing your patient’s financial and medical information across the ocean, in this environment of an ever-increasing focus on the protection of patient health information and the penalties associated with it — keeping you awake at night?

Do not select a billing company solely on low rates without considering the risks attached to it. Once you compile your top list of the medical billing companies in the USA, consider these important items:

  • Read the small print in the contract
  • Ensure there is flexibility in the length of the contract, including performance metrics
  • Identify who owns the data

These are just a few important things to consider when evaluating your top list of medical billing companies in USA. Check out our other blogs to learn more.

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