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What are the biggest challenges facing physicians in 2017?

A recent survey by Capitol One Spark Business shows that cash flow and reimbursement are their top concerns. It is the waiting for payment that is the most painful.

The results of the survey show:

69% cited cash flow and reimbursement as top concerns

71% described this concern as moderate to very severe pain in waiting for the
payment of medical services.

40% of physicians are forced to charge their practices’ larger expenses.

The members of this survey stated that the biggest expense they carry is the cost of salaries and benefits to support their staff.

There are also a smaller percentage of physicians that cited regulation, 19%, and having to have the latest technology, 12%, as their biggest challenges.

Emerald Health LLC is known to:

• Maximize revenues
• Reduce costs; payroll expenses and training costs
• Accelerate cash flows
• Low flat rate billing
• Our EMR (electronic medical record) software keeps physicians up to date with
meaningful use and takes away the headache of being on top of the latest EMR technology

We offer a complimentary Revenue Analysis, with no obligation. If you are struggling to collect payment as many physicians are please give us a call. It is no cost to you to see if we can increase you’re profitable and lower your overhead costs.


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