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What is the Difference Between DME Supplier and DME Provider

The DME means nothing but Durable Medical Equipment. The DME’s are often useful for a long time for the patients. The items such as Walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, bath chairs, etc are Durable Medical Equipment. The doctors may provide the patients with the DME. But sometimes, the doctors may prescribe to buy them from the certified DME supplier.

For the medical practitioner, the Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier (DMERC) license is essential. The DMERC license is useful for dispensing Durable Medical equipment. If the insurance supports the DME under the coverage, then the medicare patients need to have the DMERC license. There are several types of Medicare insurance covers. Some covers hospital care costs. Others cover the cost of providing services. But there are a few insurance companies that cover the DME supplies. The DMERC system defines the differences between the DME supplier and DME provider. Here is the difference between the DME supplier and DME provider.

Difference Between DME Supplier Vs. DME Provider

DME Supplier

The term DME supplier constitutes physicians, chiropractors, and others. The DME supplier can supply the DME in certain cases. The supplier is the person who dispenses Durable Medical equipment. The third-party seller can be the DME supplier. For claiming the insurance reimbursements, anyone should have the DMERC license. The certified suppliers are the only ones that can recommend the DMEs to the patients.

For the DME’s that are purchased, the reimbursement for repairing, maintenance, and replacement is covered. Only a few products are liable for insurance reimbursements. To claim the reimbursements, the DME supplier should obtain a signed, dated, and written contract from the member.

DME Provider

The DME provider is the one who is requesting the DME from the supplier. The licensed DME provider should recommend the necessary equipment to the patient. If the equipment is covered under the insurance, it should have proper maintenance terms. The rental of the DME is possible in a few cases. When the equipment is on the rent, it is owned by the DME provider.

The DME provider always supplies the equipment to the patients. So, the provider will charge the rental and maintenance fees. That differs according to the patient’s condition. In short, the DME provider prescribes or orders the DME from the supplier. Also, the provider may rent the equipment as per the requirements.

Final Words for Difference Between DME Supplier Vs. DME Provider

Durable Medical Equipment requires proper installation and maintenance. This helps the patients to stay in a safe environment. The DME supplier and providers must train the patient and caretakers. They should train everyone to properly use DME. So, to stay eligible under the Medicare part B insurance system everyone should get third-party accreditation.

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